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Submissions for HEALTHY BOY are now closed

THEME:   notes from the breakroom




Do you have a sonnet about the frozen aisle of the ASDA you work in?  Prose from the chip fryer of McDonald's?  Or an ode to the tuna mayo sandwich you eat every day for lunch?

We want your Farmfoods-pamphlet-meal-deal-staff-nights-out-Trip-Advisor-reviews-wet-napkins-in-tea-saucers inspired work.  We want your Deliveroo Notes found poetry.  We want your reduced sticker haikus.


If you have anything that fits the bill, whether that be from working in a supermarket, in retail, in hospitality or any other minimum wage-paid job, HEALTHY BOY wants to see your work! 

We welcome all forms of writing: prose, poetry, creative non-fiction, essay (lyrical, personal, experimental), hybrid forms - as well as visual art and photography.

Submission guidelines:

Prose pieces (inc. hybrid forms) – up to 2000 words

Poetry – up to three poems, with a maximum total of 120 lines

Visual Art and Photography – up to three pieces

Submit your work to Martha at  in a Word doc.  In the case of concrete poetry or work with a visual element, please attach work as a Word doc with an accompanying PDF file.

All text submissions should be in 12pt text, plain font.

Artwork needs to be 300 dpi and be suitable for printing on size A5 pages.


Your submission should not contain your name in the body text, header, or anywhere else within the document. This helps us keep the submission process anonymous.


Please title your .doc file: LastName_”Title”_Category

We accept simultaneous submissions.  Please let us know if your work is placed elsewhere.

Deadline:  15th March 2021

We aim to respond to all submissions by the end of March.

Terms and conditions

By submitting your work to HEALTHY BOY you agree to the following:

 – HEALTHY BOY has permission to publish this work online.

 – You will retain the copyright of your work.

 – You warrant that you are the owner of the copyright of the work and that it does not libel any other party.

– HEALTHY BOY reserves the right to edit submissions.  Edits will be minor proofreading changes.  If we feel that the submission needs more substantial edits then we will consult the contributor first.

– Please note that unfortunately HEALTHY BOY is unable to offer any payment for contributions at this time.

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